Blackdown Hills

Blackdown Hills

Fresh & Natural Farm

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Blackdown Hills

The Blackdown Hills is essentially a working landscape. The future viability of farming and small scale business activity is of fundamental importance to the future well being of this secret and relatively unspoilt area. Please respect the life and work of the countryside, follow the country code and support local shops, pubs and businesses.

Ways to Beautify Our Communities​

Anyone will naturally appreciate a beautiful setting. People even consider such spots as tourist places. When you find yourself in a beautiful community, the first thing that comes to mind is to preserve that beautiful memory in a picture.

Parks serve as the spot that brings your community and visitors together to chill and enjoy the beauty of nature while engaging in their activities, or just relaxing. A good park has room for all ages and classes, and suitable for everyone

Community Parks Blackdown Hills

Nothing adds beauty to a place better than flowers do. Natural trees and flowers can provide multiple combinations of beautiful colors that can keep people gazing and admiring. Combining the colors in the right manner makes the entire difference.

Plant Trees and Flowers Blackdown Hills

Lighting on its own creates a beautiful pattern at night that photographers spend time capturing. If you have street lights lining up along the street at night, it adds so much beauty to that street at night.

Use Appropriate Lighting Blackdown Hills

Create more, and shorter walkable and bikeable paths, connecting possibly everywhere in your community and give everyone good reasons to rather walk. Ensure each walking path is faster than the driving distance and easily accessible.

Create More walkable and Bikeable Paths Blackdown Hills