Blackdown Hills

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Blackdown Hills

Blackdown Hills takes pride in a gentle slope favorable climate for agricultural production. The beautiful hills scientifically accelerate the right environment due to the wind systems surrounding rainfall formation.

Although large scale farming is near impossible, community groups play a significant role in enhancing agricultural production in the area.

The natural foods you love at the grocery store are the product of agriculture. What happens when everyone opts to live in urban areas forgetting about the rural setup’s farming business?

Everyone is cautious about health, with information at people’s disposal, they understand the power of clean eating.

Therefore, there is a huge market for agricultural products. If there is a market, then the future isn’t bright due to several factors

  • Stiff competition
  • Demand vs supply concepts
  • Compromise on the quality of produce
  • A large market gap due to a free market economy

Several partnerships and community organizations working in the area have revolutionized farming activities.

There is power in numbers. When you need tons of a specific product, the group members agree to plant at the same time. With proper farm inputs, they have the required tonnes simultaneously, which improves their bargaining power.