Blackdown Hills

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The Blackdown Hills support a wide range of semi-natural habitats. The pattern of these habitats is closely linked with the area’s geology and topography. Many of them are of national importance.
Here is just a small selection of the special habitats and species found in the Blackdown Hills:

Grasslands, Heathland and Mire:
Barn owl, heath spotted orchid, marbled white butterfly, corky fruited water dropwort.

Hay meadows and other grasslands:
Green winged orchid, gatekeeper butterfly, birds foot trefoil.

Lowland heathland and wet heath:
Ling heather, lousewort, green hairstreak butterfly, nightjar.

Ash, hazel, dormouse, common lizards.

Wet woodlands:
Grey willow, king cup, siskin.

Ancient broad-leaved woodlands:
Pendunculate oak, stinking iris, purple hairsteak butterfly.

Rivers and streams:
Kingfisher, otter and Daubenton’s bat

For more detailed information about the wildlife of the Blackdown Hills, download the Management Plan or contact the AONB office.

For information about Biodiversity Action Plan priority habitats, nature reserves and agri-environment schemes, see

Parks serve as the spot that brings your community and visitors together to chill and enjoy the beauty of nature while engaging in their activities, or just relaxing. A good park has room for all ages and classes, and suitable for everyone

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Nothing adds beauty to a place better than flowers do. Natural trees and flowers can provide multiple combinations of beautiful colors that can keep people gazing and admiring. Combining the colors in the right manner makes the entire difference.

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Lighting on its own creates a beautiful pattern at night that photographers spend time capturing. If you have street lights lining up along the street at night, it adds so much beauty to that street at night.

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